Ready Or Not Here It Is!

I’ve been ‘designing’ and ‘developing’ my website for over three years and it’s time to put it out there for all to see. In reality The Miner Bits is a series of experiments in combination with the best results of the learning process…but only the best bits of both. Needless to say the whole effort is for your enjoyment and my need for practice.

Go ahead and scroll down to the ‘Table Of Contents’ at the bottom of this page and take a look around. If there’s a list of ‘alternative’ selections under an item it means that each uses a different typographic approach to the same material. Yeah, there are some unfinished bits here and there but keep coming back and watch as things grow and change.

I’d like to know what you think. Drop by a ‘Talk To The Bits’ page of your choice and send me a message letting me know.

Eric Miner

Dedicated to the memory of my good friend Lucy Weir 1954—2008

February 4   Twenty – Fourteen

A Quick Technical Note: I’ve ‘optimized’ the pages in my site to fit screens down to 1024 X 758 pixels (the size of an iPd or other table in landscape mode) but I can’t guarantee how good they’ll look on smaller screens. So, don’t bother viewing them on a phone yet, soon though.

“The Floating Golden Ball Bides Its Time” Eric Miner 1969 (animated Twenty–Thirteen)